Introducing the first Inflatable Sanctuary

Drifting around in the forgotten memories of your summer holiday, abandoned by the poolside, never be instagramed again – our loving holiday romance with the flirty flamingo inflatable is officially over.

With only a quarter of inflatables being tucked away in our suitcases, it’s a shocking discovery that the rest of these once-mighty creatures have been cast away, stranded and all alone. With reports of inflatable doughnuts draped over the balconies of checked-out rooms to the sad tale of an elegant swan being left to slowly deflate on a half broken sun lounger – it’s time to put a stop to this careless love affair.

Introducing the world’s first Inflatable Sanctuary, where you can adopt and rehome one of the many inflatables who have suffered the tough fate of rejection. Popping up at the Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma in Spain for a limited time, guests can visit the Inflatables Sanctuary to adopt and reuse the left behind inflatables, giving them a new lease of life. From tropical palm trees to magical unicorns – and not forgetting the iconic lilo – once again these fine creatures shall ride the Instagram wave!


Not only have our inflatables been the receiving end of our harsh ways, we’ve sussed out the top ten things that most left behind or carelessly lost during a holiday:


1. suncream

2. inflatables

3. sunglasses

4. toiletries

5. magazines

6. after-sun

7. books

8. goggle

9. t-shirt

10. towel



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