Tuck into the top trending foodie destinations

Get ready to feast your eyes on the world’s most delicious destinations – made ENTIRELY out of food.

We’ve paired up with legendary food artist Carl Warner to bring your favourite foodie hangouts to life using the city’s famous food ingredients – Parisian buildings made of cheese, the Pantheon made of pasta and Mount Fuji made of seaweed, every city looks good enough to eat.

Heading to Paris? Don’t be disappointed when you find out the Eifel Tower isn’t made from chocolate, the clocks aren’t lemon slices and the food stalls aren’t held up by courgettes.

If you love Asian cuisine then this room with a view is for you. With Nori seaweed as your carpet, maki rolls as seats and a view made from jasmine rice, ginger rocks and fresh herb bushes, there is nothing else you could want for. Literally, a view good enough to eat.

If you have a passion for pasta and are partial to pepperoni, then Rome is the place to be. Tables coated in Parma ham, houses made from Gorgonzola and Vespa’s carved from peppers, there is nothing stopping you from eating your way around this city.

On the menu

Whether it’s fresh pasta, street food hotspots or just wonderfully weird food (we are looking at you chicken feet), we know that travelers today plan their trips around their stomachs. Our Tasty Travels research reveals that more than two thirds (70%) of millennials admit that a destination’s cuisine is the biggest deciding factor when picking where to holiday, with Paris (27%), Tokyo (23%) and Rome (22%) topping the list of the hottest spots on earth for foodies. The top 7 food cities are:

1. Paris (27%)
2. Tokyo (23%)
3. Rome (22%)
4. London (21%)
5. New York (16%)
6. Barcelona (16%)
7. Madrid (14%)

Trending: #FoodGoals

We all know that if it isn’t on the ‘gram’ it didn’t happen, and the research agrees. We found that on a one week holiday, millennials take on average, a gut-busting 142 photos for social media, a quarter of which are of food – your picture is served! Even more shocking, it’s food over friends these days with 76% admitting they prefer to snap their food than their friends’ faces (56%) for Instagram #sorrynotsorry.

Hopefully some of our food-made cities will inspire you to get out and get traveling to new countries to experience not only the culture and the people but the weird and wonderful foods. Who says a fish eye can’t be tasty…right? Head to to book your next #TastyTravels


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