Top 10: The ultimate hotel hacks

Ever wondered how those lucky few manage bag that five-star hotel at a snip of the price or sneak their way into that elusive upgrade? 

Well you’re in luck. Get ready to join the smug high flyers as we dish out our insider knowledge – sharing our ultimate travel hacks to help you find the best bed for your buck.

1. Sunday is the new FridayThe weekend travelers are long gone and the Monday morning business crowd are yet to check in, meaning you can often snap up the best deal in town and you’re more likely to nab an upgrade.

2. Use your hotel TV as a phone charger. That dreaded moment when you realize you’ve forgotten your adaptor. Panic not, simply slot your USB cable into the TV in your room and hey presto, your phone will be recharged in no time.

3. Concierge power.  The secret hero of your hotel, seriously. Make the most of your concierge’s local low-down. Serving up top tips on what’s not to be missed, they can grab you that last minute restaurant reservation, and with friends in high places they might be able to snag you the best of deals.

4. Choose your room wisely. Make sure to request a room on a higher floor and facing east. Staying in an east facing room means you will wake to the natural sunlight, beating the jet-lag in no time. Another savvy tip is to request a room on one of the higher floors where the most premium rooms are located. Even if you don’t blag the presidential suite, you’ll still be further away from the street hustle and bustle.

5. Suss out the business district. Planning a city break? Whilst it may be tempting to stay in the heart of the city, make a beeline for the hotels in the business district. Cities such as Tokyo, London, Brussels and Sao Paulo have fantastic room rates during the weekend once the ‘suits’ are out of town.

6. Better late than never. Gone are the days when you need to book your hotel months in advance. Set your spontaneous side free and see how much you can save by booking at the last minute.

7. Time it right for an upgrade. Checking in that little bit later will up your chances that the hotel may have fully filled it’s standard rooms – meaning an upgrade could be on the cards.

8. Spill on your special occasions. Give the hotel a heads-up on any special occasions you plan to celebrate during your stay, you never know you might just find a bottle of champagne on arrival. Top tip: Don’t call the hotel between 10am and 1pm with a special request as the chances are they’ll be busy with a long line of guests waiting to check out.

9. Harness the power of social media. Guest reviews, social snaps and tweets of appreciation can make your hotel the most sought after in town. Make sure to drop into convo that you’ll be writing a review and don’t forget to share your stay on the ‘gram, with tags of course – who knows what freebies this might bring your way?

10. Touch of luxury. These days hotel freebies have had a serious upgrade. Forget your standard soap in the shower – you can often enjoy designer toiletries, exotic teas, snacks, slippers, high-end magazines and some hotels even have portable WiFi units, umbrellas and bikes! Do your research before you book and suss out the top rated hotel in town.

Have you blagged yourself any of the above or do you have any other top tips to share – leave them in the comments below!


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